360° Digital marketing

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360 Digital Plan

With the dawn of Information Technology, competition in business all over the world reached another level as IT transformed our planet into a village. Businessmen have finally realized the potential of IT, especially internet. Hence they own corporate level websites, promote their business through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. These measures have become an integral part of promotional process along with the traditional ones such as video advertising, paper ad etc.

However the difficulty for a businessman here is, spending lots of time for the promotional tasks from scratch amidst his busy schedule. We, An Idea Tech, have understood this well and are offering a perfect solution – 360 Digital Plan. This plan covers everything which is required for a successful promotional campaign namely website development and maintenance, web marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and photo-shoot for a year. Businessmen will have the following benefits from 360 Digital Plan.

  • Multiple ways to promote one’s business simultaneously
  • Customizable to suit one’s needs
  • Hassle-free and professional-level promotional campaigns
  • Increase in one’s company’s brand value in a short period of time
  • Saves one’s valuable time and energy

360 Digital Plan is perfect for a businessman who wants to expand his business effectively in all directions and increase his company’s brand value for more profit.

Web Marketing

Web marketing is a sophisticated process. It requires a thorough understanding of how a website and the search engine work. First we launch a corporate level website designed by our professional team. The team takes care of on-page as well as off-page SEO along with the maintenance tasks. Once it is done, we publish a SEO-oriented blog article every week in order to get the visitors to the website. Meanwhile, we integrate social media to the website. We will regularly update the contents, and carry out Google analytics tracking and reporting. Our client will get monthly reports of data and analytics. All these measures will increase the traffic to your website and convert the visitors into potential customers.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the first choice of businessmen who wants to promote their business through social media. Being one of the popular social media sites, it has a large user database of all age groups. One can reach millions of users within a short period. First we create a business page and a fan page in order to drive traffic to website. We create tabs on the page too for Lead Generation which is a unique methodology of getting leads of interested customers from Facebook. Our campaigning team will create 3 posts on the page per week, at the same time running spam management. We will provide a virtual assistant to answer queries from the visitors.

Instagram / Pinterest Marketing

Another social media which has risen to the lime light in a short period is Instagram. Pinterest also is another social media platform where one can promote his business or service. Our marketing team creates separate accounts in these platforms. Then we will start posting 3 contents every week. These contents will be prepared by the professional copy writers and graphic designers.

Video Marketing

A promotional campaign, done through video marketing leaves a lasting effect on the audience. Hence we have included it into 360 Digital Plan. We create two types of video – corporate profiling and short video. The former one will display the in-depth blueprint of the organizational structure of a company, its technology, people, processes, up-stream and down-stream customers and their relationships. The duration of this video will be 30 minutes. A short video of 30 seconds will promote the company’s service or products. This video will be used on all social media platforms.


An image can convey a message better than words. We, An Idea Tech, know the potential of exclusive photos taken by a professional photographer. Hence, we conduct a photo-shoot session which covers the products or services of a company. The number of photos to be taken will vary from 40–50.