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The evolution of information technology has taken competitiveness to a different level in the business world. Now-a-days, the success of your business mainly depends on how well you utilize various forms of digital media to promote your goods or service. For that, you need to have a business guru who provides valuable insights combined with strategic vision and proven expertise in information technology. An Idea Tech is one such business guru which has been assisting the businessmen like you to excel in the competitive business world.

We are a bunch of IT gurus banded together under an IT firm called An Idea Tech based in Puttur. We collaborate with our clients so they can achieve their business objectives with flying colors. We assist them in every way and by every mean in order to solve the issues which plague their business. We provide valuable guidance on utilizing information technology to the fullest. In addition to this, we enhance the structure and efficiency of IT systems owned by them.

Our invaluable IT expertise renders invaluable suggestions to clients on technology, IT infrastructures and implementation of major business processes with the aid of sophisticated IT equipment. We provide security to the business premises of our clients by installing advanced CCTV system. We also render our services in sales and business development when clients need.

Apart from those, we train students as well as corporate staff so they can face the problems related to education, career and personality development.

Our mission is to assist our clients in every possible way to achieve their business goals by thoroughly understanding their requirements, and make their investment and trust in us worthy.

Our vision is to develop and execute our operations well in order to provide impeccable service yielding maximum benefits for our clients and their businesses.

Our services encompass various sections such as digital marketing, web designing, career counselling, biometrics, hardware and networking etc. We have a team of experts who excel in overcoming the issues and enhancing the output with perfection. You will notice dedication, zest, punctuality, creativity and quality in our service. As a result, our clients accomplish their business goals garnished with huge profit.

Training – For Students & Corporate
This service is for the XII students and the corporate employees. We offer customized courses containing presentations, discussions and workshops. We conduct personal skill development programs and sales-oriented workshops. Our faculty is dedicated and experienced. Our training focuses on improving various skills such as SMART skills, soft skills, basic computer skills etc. We train the participants how to handle corporate social responsibility, achieve sales effectiveness, adapt to work culture change, and become a part of corporate culture. After the completion of the training, the participants will be able to handle various situations in their career with their positive personality. Last but not the least, we provide career guidance too. Read More >>

CCTV Solutions
We install major brands’ advanced CCTV systems for various business firms, institutions, hospitals, houses and public utilities. Our systems are customized, ecological, economical but effective. We transform analogue CCTV systems into IP CCTV systems. Even a small system (1-16 cameras) comes with high functionality and advantages. Our installation team can deliver the CCTV units to the site and deploy it quickly. Read More >>

Web Designing
We design websites backed up by latest technologies and features. The websites are user-friendly, customized, SEO-powered, appealing and, of course, economical. We excel in designing E-Commerce websites. Apart from this, we redesign the non-performing websites and turn them into profitable ones. Another important feature of this service is the maintenance of our clients’ websites. We monitor the websites regularly and upgrade or update the contents as well as the websites as per the clients’ requirement. Read More >>

Personal Counselling and Training
Our personal counselling and training service is aimed at assisting students to realize, improve and fulfil their potential in order to benefit from their educational environment and handle the challenges of life. We provide counselling for but not limited to: depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, abuse as well as issues related to sexuality. Our counselling service can be tailored as per an individual’s requirement. We conduct personal development workshop during the training.

Desktop / Laptop Sales and Service
We sell branded desktop and laptop systems with warranty. Besides, we build and deliver customized desktop system as per a customer’s requirement. Our technical team provides repair and maintenance service to our customers. The team will scan the damaged system and give a report to the customer. Once the customer agrees, our expert technicians replace the damaged part or software with a proper one. Our service comes with a reasonable price. In addition to the service, we sell branded computer and laptop accessories with warranty.

Desktop / Laptop / Smartphone buying advisory
There are varieties of desktop / laptop / smartphone for sale in market today. For a person it is not easy to pick the right one. Hence, we assist such people by guiding them through our expertise. We consider the age, sex, profession, place, budget, brand and other criteria before advising the person to buy a particular product because computers and smartphones are not just merely used for communication or work anymore. We even suggest the right accessories for the gadgets during the purchase.

Networking Services & Solutions
Network and communication infrastructure has become the foundation for IT and successful business. We provide networking services and solutions that are advanced and reliable. Our services have structured cabling, network rack installation, switches and hub installations. As per client’s need, we plan the networking layout, lay the cables later. Then crimped and connections will be done and switches will be placed in rack. After the work is accomplished we hand over the network diagram to the client for future use. Our team is expert in optimization on cloud technologies and upgrading applications.

Biometric Attendance & Access Controls
We offer a wide range of attendance, access control and security related solutions. Our clientele come from various sectors like banking, data centres and server rooms, pharmaceuticals, corporate offices and hospitals. Our biometric attendance and access control installation procedure is simple and easy. The system enables our clients to save money and maintain the attendance of their employees without a hitch. We offer varieties of biometric products for our clients based on their needs.

Server Installation and Maintenance
Servers are the backbones of any business network and should be treated important if one wants to stay in a business and gain profit. We know this very well and hence, we provide reliable and secure server installation and maintenance service. We incorporate customized hardware and software in a server as per a client’s requirements. Aided with smooth computer network, our server virtually nullifies system downtime and loss of computer data. We regularly conduct maintenance work in order to keep the application software running. We review the server’s performance, make sure that automated system monitoring equipment are installed and configured properly, scan for possible security risks, and back up data at regular intervals.

Social Branding and Network marketing
Now-a-days social branding is a new trend to popularize one’s goods or service. For that purpose, one can utilize social network sites as a platform. The advantage of social branding is that a company gets an opportunity to discuss about its goods or service with the consumers directly. Based on the consumers’ feedback, the company can better its product or service. We systematically do the social branding for our clients by utilizing the social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. In addition to this, we do network marketing for our clients by applying right strategy derived from the feedback of the consumers.

Software Solutions
We provide customized software services for wide range of business activities such as tourism, finance, shipping, educational institutes, small scale industries to big scale industries, and hospitality etc. Our software solutions service provides analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of business applications. The software designed by us is advanced, adaptable and offers web-based business process development solutions. We provide ERP solutions, E-Commerce application, GPS solution etc. We assist our clients to achieve their goals by building, integrating and supporting applications. Our aim is to enable them to have increased business value, reduced total cost of operations, and quick access to market.

Corporate Photo and Video shoot
Photo and video shoot of corporate event gives publicity to the organizing company and its business. Publicity indirectly acts as a marketing tool for corporate companies. We understand this fact well and offer professional corporate photo and video shoot service to the companies. We place hi-fi shooting equipment and implement latest techniques during a session that delivers output on a professional level. We almost cover every kind of corporate event such as inauguration ceremony, anniversary, sports event, cultural programs, and social responsibility events.

IT Consultancy
Information technology plays a major role in achieving one’s business objectives. Hence, we advise business firms on how best to use information technology through our IT consultancy service. We also estimate, manage, implement, organize, and supervise IT systems on behalf of our clients. We boast of possessing varieties of IT consulting skills covering management, technology, business, languages and advisory etc. Our expert consultant team outlines a scope, cost and time-frame of a project, after a client states his requirement. Once the client agrees, we, from the beginning of the project till the end, assist his company and deliver the project with absolute client satisfaction. Read More >>

Computer hardware sales and service
For a computer to perform to the perfection, hardware is also as important as software. We sell hi-fi branded computer hardware including but not limited to, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headphones, printers and coolers etc. Also we sell compatible, sophisticated, and affordable computer parts such as hard disk drive, motherboard, video card, graphic card, sound card, RAM etc. The goods we sell come with warranty. Along with sales, we provide computer hardware service. We thoroughly examine the malfunctioning hardware, repair it or replace it with the same new or compatible part. Our service team responses to and solves the issue quickly.

360 Digital Marketing
This service is an exclusive package combined of web design and social media marketing designed by us. The sole objective of this service is to provide every possible help to our clientele by leveraging every available means in order to accomplish their business goals effectively. We start by building a SEO-powered website; then we continue with social media marketing utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for one year. During this period we will conduct video marketing (advertising as well as corporate profiling) and photo shoot too. We will leave no stone unturned to see our clientele achieve their business goals and success. Read More >>

Contact us whenever you want our assistance. You can mail or call us, or visit our office. We will always be there with a smile to take care of your business needs.