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In this 21st century, almost every business runs with the aid of sophisticated equipment backed by latest technology. Computer is the best example for this. You cannot imagine a business place without a computer whether it is a café, hotel, railway station, institutions, hospitals or even a small grocery shop. People have become heavily depended on computers for they can do transactions, designs, book tickets, communicate, monitor global climate etc. However, to perform various multi-tasks to the perfection, your computer should be free of any problem. Otherwise, the computer itself may ruin your business severely, instead of boosting it. An Idea tech, an IT related firm from Puttur, understands this well and hence offers a service called ‘IT Health Check’.

Hello IT Health Check!
IT Health Check is designed impeccably by An Idea Tech. This service checks, updates, installs various components and software in a computer and provides solutions to the issues if occur. In addition, it scans and removes harmful software which damages the system. This service is recommended especially to the business firms, educational institutions, hospitals, hospitality services and shops where transactions occur on large scale. IT Health Check service includes –

Checking the update status of software and drivers
Checking the installation and update status of a genuine anti-virus/anti-malware/spyware firewall software
Checking hardware functioning
Checking backup functionality
Checking for registry errors
Checking for start-up file/program issues
Checking a network and its working conditions
Once the checking is done, a report containing the issues and solutions will be submitted to you. Once you give consent, Our IT expert team will take necessary steps to create a hassle free workplace for you by eliminating the plaguing issues. We recommend you to schedule a quarterly check-up for your systems.

Bye bye future failures and risks!
The benefits you gain through our IT Health Check service are many. Let us put the main ones in brief here.

Your computers and network will perform best.
Various issues which hamper the speed and performance of your computer will be resolved.
You will be saved from data corruption, identity theft, online fraud and other cybercrimes.
You will be able to replace the damaged parts of your computer with the good one before it malfunctions or complete system failure occurs.
The icing-on-the-cake part in IT Health Check service is that it comes at a reasonable price. Hard to believe?! Call now and ask for a quotation.

Some facts
Majority of the machine issues are the aftereffect of infections, spywares and the registry over-burden.
There is always a chance to get infected from viruses if you use internet.
Overheating can result in genuine problems. It can harm key inner parts, including the processor, battery, and hard drive.
Junk files stored up in your system slow down its performance.
Updated software and drivers reduce the risks of malware, spyware and viruses.
Periodically formatting your systems will keep your computer safe to some extent.
Every year, 20% of online viruses are released all over the world by organized crime units causing damages worth billions.
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We, An Idea Tech, provide various IT-related services in order to assist you in your business. Do you want to secure your business premises? Do you want to promote your business to large audience in no time? Do you want to keep a proper attendance of your employees? Do you want to buy a right gadget for your business? We are here for your every business need. Have a look at our services.

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You can call us or mail us or visit our office. Our customer-friendly staff will attend your needs at the earliest. You just have to tell your requirements and we will take care of the rest. Your success is an integral part of our success, and we will give our everything to achieve that.