Students and corporate trainings

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Training – For Students and Corporate

A career of a person is shaped on the past events and sets the future events in life. Choosing a career is very important. One wrong step can ruin your chances in getting your dream job which will make you to regret a lot later. Hence, it is better to consult with a firm which helps you in finding a right career or a path to get your dream job. An Idea Tech in Puttur is one such firm which trains the students and corporate workers regarding career.

Why is training required?

  • To improve learning and skills
  • To understand why many students act as they do when faced with difficult college courses
  • To learn how to incorporate learning strategies into content coursework
  • To get the career that students desire

Why An Idea Tech?

We have latest infrastructure and dedicated as well as experienced instructors to train you with customized courses. Training is designed to give you as much hands-on experience as possible. This is backed up with presentations and discussions to deliver relevant technical information in an easy-to-digest format. The features of our training are –

  • Materials are adapted to match your needs.
  • Participants work together at a convenient time and place, which leads to impeccable teamwork and motivation.
  • Training is adapted to look at processes as well as skills.
  • Exercises and activities are specially designed to reflect your college’s culture and learning practices.

In An Idea Tech, courses are conducted in a friendly and informal ambience. Since they are run in small groups, everyone gets an opportunity to discuss individual issues as well as problems and solutions with both the tutors and team mates, working on similar projects. As a result, one will be able to build up strong knowledge exchange networks.

After the successful completion of a course, you can avail the help of a post-course helpdesk in order to find solutions for the problems you have in implementing workshop training into your day-to-day work situation.

What does a course offer?

Our courses are comprised of three main parts. They are –

General Trainings

  • Career Guidance
  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills Development (CSD)
  • Interview Handling
  • Campus Professionalism

Technical Trainings

  • Programming Languages Overview
  • Networking & Communications – An Overview
  • Project Work – Ideas and Importance
  • How to answer exams – A Vision 90+ Guide
  • What should a Computer Science student focus on?
  • Hardware and Networking
  • What should I study?
  • Treat for programmers
  • Digital Marketing Training (3 to 4 months)
  • Marg ERP Training (1 Month Course)

There is a separate training course for PU students which covers the below topics namely –

  • Career Guidance
  • Mathematics treat
  • Easy Physics


In our firm, An Idea Tech, workshops are often designed for people who study together or study in the same field. The workshops are conducted by people having experience in the subject under discussion. Usually a workshop contains 10-20 participants, and hence providing everyone an opportunity to get personal attention and the chance to be heard.

The workshops encourage the participants to be active. As a result, they steer the direction of the workshop and practice the techniques, skills etc. In addition, the participants will have a good deal of discussion with their instructor. Though a workshop is restricted to a single session, some may have multiple sessions over a period of time (ex – once a week for four weeks or two full-day sessions over a weekend). Unlike a course, our workshops are mainly based on well-built presentations.

The advantages of a workshop

These are the some advantages which a participant can get by attending a workshop. They are –

  • A thorough educational experience in a minimal time frame
  • May present an innovative idea, stimulating participants to develop it further
  • An opportunity to demonstrate or practice the actual methods on their own
  • Participants can try out new methods and fail under a safe condition
  • A participant can avert mistakes in future based on the feedback given by both the presenter and group mates.