CCTV Solutions
Today, CCTV (Closed-circuit television) or video surveillance has become an integral part of daily public life. It could be a small shop or a shopping complex, a school or a cinema hall, an office or a house, even on streets you see CCTVs monitoring the premises 24×7. They provide security to valuable goods, property and lives. We, An Idea Tech, have been successfully providing CCTV solutions at a reasonable price.

Do you run a business, or an education institution? Or are you worried about the safety of your house and beloved family members? Then let us introduce you to the features of CCTV solutions provided by An Idea Tech. They are –

Large varieties of trailer based and modular CCTV systems, built to client specification
Rapid deployable CCTV units that can be delivered to site and setup quickly
Operate on advanced fuel technology (zero impact on the environment)
Advanced IP CCTV systems with the new features like on-board intelligence, remote viewing, easy integration and improved scalability are installed at a reasonable price
Even a small system (1-16 cameras) comes with the same level of functionality and advantages such as HDTV images, remote viewing, in-built alarm triggers and recording, video storage on SD cards, built-in movement, PIR etc.
Provide ‘encoders’ for analogue CCTV systems transforming them into IP CCTV systems
Multiple locations can be viewed in one screen, mobile or other devices
Provide major brands’ CCTV installation with structured-way cabling and branded DVR or NVR installation
For corporate customers, any brand or customer specific if not Hikvision will be installed. With An Idea Tech CCTV solutions you will have some of the main advantages –

Employee Monitoring – You will easily observe the activities of your employees and thus, will be able utilize the man power to the maximum, increasing the productivity, and gaining huge profit in your business. In addition, you will save your company from any disgrace or loss of reputation due to illegal activities of your employees.
Safety from Theft – You will protect your valuable goods, costly appliances, cash and jewelleries from thieves. In case, if theft occurs, then you will be able to see the culprit/s and can take action quickly.
Legal Proof – You will easily get legal proofs against the culprits who bully or harass their co-workers sexually, or resort to any kind of mistreatment in your firm. These will not only save your company from public embarrassment but aid you in avoiding unnecessary law-suits.
Low Cost – You can avail economical packages that provide every safety measures to your business, house and beloved family. All you have to do is to choose the package more suitable for you. We will take care of the installation and maintenance.
Home Security – You will effectively protect your home and outdoor spaces such as backyard, driveways and lawn from the intruders and criminals. You will be able to keep an eye on delinquent house servants.
Insurance Claim – You will be able to claim insurance for your damaged property or goods due to accidents.
In simple words, with An Idea Tech IP CCTV installations, you will run a successful, prosperous, and peaceful business. For more information or quotation contact us.

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