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Web Designing & Development

The best way to run your business or promote your works or spread your ideas globally is to have a website equipped with latest technologies and features. Now-a-days, it is not difficult to own a domain name or website. However, getting a website to be done that can serve your purpose to the fullest is hard. We, An Idea Tech, realized this and hence, designing a multi-purpose website has become our sole aim.

Web Redesigning

We design various types of websites especially E-Commerce websites using CMS (Content Management System). One can have many advantages from a CMS website like affordability, time savvy, space expansion, easy handling and updating content 24×7. We design CMS websites either using Drupal, Joomla, WordPress or from scratch.

Website Maintenance

We revamp the websites which are not delivering results up to the expectations of clients. We incorporate SEO-powered content, simple but proper codes, latest UI designs, and last but not the least, HTML text and frames into those websites by utilizing advanced web resource tools. Once the redesigning is done, we monitor the performance of that website, and take necessary steps to better its performance if we find any issue.

We, An Idea Tech, take the responsibility of maintaining our clients’ websites too. We monitor their performance, make necessary updates and keep them fully functional.

Content Writing and Creatives Design

Along with website design we also can help you with content as per your company needs and industry standards, our content will be SEO friendly and will draw immediate connect between your brand and the audience.

CCTV Solutions and Spy Tools

Today, CCTV (Closed-circuit television) or video surveillance has become an integral part of daily public life. It could be a small shop or a shopping complex, a school or a cinema hall, an office or a house, even on streets you see CCTVs monitoring the premises 24×7. They provide security to valuable goods, property and lives. We, An Idea Tech, have been successfully providing CCTV solutions at a reasonable price.

Do you run a business, or an education institution? Or are you worried about the safety of your house and beloved family members? Then let us introduce you to the features of CCTV solutions provided by An Idea Tech.

Modular CCTV systems

Rapid deployable CCTV units that can be delivered to site and setup quickly. Operate on advanced fuel technology (zero impact on the environment)

Advanced IP CCTV systems

With the new features like on-board intelligence, remote viewing, easy integration and improved scalability are installed at a reasonable price

IT Doctor and IT Consultancy

An Idea Tech, provide various IT-related services in order to assist you in your business. Do you want to secure your business premises? Do you want to promote your business to large audience in no time? Do you want to keep a proper attendance of your employees? Do you want to buy a right gadget for your business? We are here for your every business need. 

Hello IT Health Check!

IT Health Check is designed impeccably by An Idea Tech. This service checks, updates, installs various components and software in a computer and provides solutions to the issues if occur. In addition, it scans and removes harmful software which damages the system. This service is recommended especially to the business firms, educational institutions, hospitals, hospitality services and shops where transactions occur on large scale. IT Health Check service includes –

  • Checking the update status of software and drivers
  • Checking the installation and update status of a genuine anti-virus/anti-malware/spyware firewall software
  • Checking hardware functioning
  • Checking backup functionality
  • Checking for registry errors
  • Checking for start-up file/program issues
  • Checking a network and its working conditions


Once the checking is done, a report containing the issues and solutions will be submitted to you. Once you give consent, Our IT expert team will take necessary steps to create a hassle free workplace for you by eliminating the plaguing issues. We recommend you to schedule a quarterly check-up for your systems.

Bye bye future failures and risks!

The benefits you gain through our IT Health Check service are many. Let us put the main ones in brief here.

  • Your computers and network will perform best.
  • Various issues which hamper the speed and performance of your computer will be resolved.
  • You will be saved from data corruption, identity theft, online fraud and other cybercrimes.
  • You will be able to replace the damaged parts of your computer with the good one before it malfunctions or complete system failure occurs.

The icing-on-the-cake part in IT Health Check service is that it comes at a reasonable price. Hard to believe?! Call now and ask for a quotation.

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  • Majority of the machine issues are the aftereffect of infections, spywares and the registry over-burden.
  • There is always a chance to get infected from viruses if you use internet.
  • Overheating can result in genuine problems. It can harm key inner parts, including the processor, battery, and hard drive.
  • Junk files stored up in your system slow down its performance.
  • Updated software and drivers reduce the risks of malware, spyware and viruses.
  • Periodically formatting your systems will keep your computer safe to some extent.
  • Every year, 20% of online viruses are released all over the world by organized crime units causing damages worth billions.

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