About CCTV

Stands for closed-circuit television. A CCTV monitoring system is a security tool designed to capture and record videos in a particular area or property. It transmits the signal to a monitor or computer screen.  It allows home or business owners to monitor closely the activities in their home or business area. The benefits of installing CCTV systems at home are just endless. So, if you’re still wondering whether you need to get one or not, learn the benefits of CCTV systems at home that may just help you make up your mind.

Scare Off Burglars and Intruders

Having a security camera can be a deterrent for burglars and other intruders. Some of them are bold enough to try to enter the house when you are home while others lurk around and wait for you to leave. Having a security camera is a way to keep them away from your home. If they are bold enough to enter the house anyway, the security cameras can help law enforcement identify the intruders and find them.

Be Aware of Who is Coming to Your Home

Some people who visit your home when welcomed, such as the mail carrier or a friendly neighbor. You might not want to answer the door for others, such as a stranger or sales representative. A home CCTV camera lets you see who is at the door from any room in your house.

Monitor Your Children

A CCTV camera can also be the ultimate baby monitor. You can watch your baby from any room and know what he or she needs your attention. As your children get older, you can see if they are accessing an off-limits area, such as the cleaning supply closet. When you go to work, you can find out when the children back home from school.

Those who have a babysitter

The camera can be used as a digital eye when they are away from the babysitter.

Take Care of Others

If you are taking care of an elderly family member, you can monitor their safety from your home, office or anywhere else you need to be. A CCTV camera for security can even be used to check on your pets when you are out of the house. It is a way to watch those you care about when you can’t be at home.

Identify Disturbances in Your House

It can be scary to hear a noise downstairs when you are home alone or sleeping in the middle of the night. You might feel reluctant to approach the source of the noise on your own. If you hear something odd, you can check the cameras to find out what is going on before you get there. If an intruder is present, this could even help save your life.

Know What Happens When You Are Away

When you leave the house, anything can happen in your absence and you might not know the cause. A security camera can let you know what is going in if your security alarm sounds. You can also detect suspicious activity around your house, such as someone scoping out the area. It is also a way to check on your housekeeper and landscapers when you are away. You can make sure they are  doing their work properly.

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